The Sociological Review Foundation supports a diverse programme of events aimed at different audiences both within and outside academia. All our events are free (with the exception of conferences), but registration is essential. Be the first to hear about our events by signing up to our newsletter. Information about upcoming events can be found here.

As part of our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion, we award a number of travel, accommodation and childcare bursaries to early career researchers, those in precarious employment and individuals from disadvantaged social backgrounds, to attend our events. We do our best to ensure that our events are accessible for participants with impaired mobility and on request meet other accessibility needs wherever possible. We expect that organisers of events that we fund adhere by the same standards.

As a charitable organisation, it is important that our staff (including venue staff) and delegates are treated with courtesy and respect. Rude or aggressive behaviour, including any form of bullying and harassment, towards our staff or any member of the public within our event premises will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Our annual lecture, conferences and symposia

Each year, we organise the Sociological Review Annual Lecture, conferences and symposia that bring together established and new researchers in any area of sociology. As part of our remit to make sociology available to wider audiences, we make debates and events public on our website and through social media.

The Sociological Review Seminar Series

Each year, we sponsor up to five one-day research seminars in any area of sociology to share and produce imaginative cutting-edge work of cultural and social significance. Read more.

Events for early career researchers

Each year, the Sociological Review Foundation organises a number of specialist workshops for early career researchers, aimed at improving their research and writing skills, and developing their academic careers. Read more.

Past events

Details of past events organized or funded by the Sociological Review Foundation can be found here. Watch the videos and listen to the podcasts from Undisciplining: Conversations from the Edges, our largest conference to date.