Past Events


Make Your Own Sociological Research Game
11 March 2019, Manchester

Artful Fat
9 April 2019, Leeds


Put to the Test: Critical Evaluations of Testing
10-11 December, London

Social Media and Doing a PhD: What Do You Need To Know?
8 December 2018, Nottingham

Welfare Futures: Where Next?
4 December 2018, Birmingham

Transitions into Adulthood and Psychiatrisation in Quebec: A Knowledge Transfer Event
26 October 2018, Ottawa, Canada

The Sociological Review and the History of the Discipline
11 October 2018, Keele

Welfare Imaginaries: 21st Century Welfare: Understanding the present
25 September 2018, Liverpool

Strictly Come Writing
12-14 September 2018, Gartmore

Unboxing the Sharing Economy
25 July, London

The Sociology of Stigma
20 June 2018, Gateshead

The Sociological Review Annual Lecture 2018: Unthinking Sociology and Overcoming its History Deficit
19 June 2018, Gateshead

Undisciplining: Conversations from the Edges
19-21 June 2018, Gateshead

Undisciplining: Pre-Conference ECR Day
18 June 2018, Gateshead

Images and Representations of Welfare over Time
12 June 2018, Lancaster

New Ethnographic Contexts: Creativity, Imagination and Performance
8 June 2018, Canterbury

Populism, People and the Media
30 May 2018, London

Intimate Entanglements
19 February 2018, York


Sociology and Social Media: Problems and Prospects
2 December 2017, London

Educating China on the Move: China’s Relations with Key Strategic Powers
1 December 2017, Bath

Care and Policy Practices
10 November 2017, London

The Landscape of Chinese Educational (Im)Mobilities: Perspectives of Larger-Scale Data
9 November 2017, London

Social Transformation within and Beyond the Academy
26 September 2017, Sydney, Australia

Embodying China’s Educational (Im)Mobilities: Ethnographic Insights
20 September 2017, Keele

Strictly Come Writing
13-15 September 2017, Gartmore

The Future of eSports: Challenging Work and Gender Issues in the UK’s Professional Computer Gaming Industry
16 August 2017, Manchester

Transnational Family Justice in Migration Crises
19 July 2017, London

Using Graphic Novels to Communicate Your Research
8 June 2017, Manchester

Everyday Revolutions in Southern and Eastern Europe
19-20 May 2017, Manchester

The Politics of Race in Contemporary Film and Digital Practice
18-19 May 2017, London

Reconfiguring the Anthropology of Britain
11 May 2017, London

The Sociological Review Annual Lecture 2017: Cities and the Political Imagination
28 April 2017, Manchester

ECR workshop with Rivke Jaffe
28 April 2017, Manchester

The legacy of Brexit: Mobility and Citizenship in Times of Uncertainty
31 March 2017, Southampton

Down the Pan: New Directions in the Sociology of Dirt
20 March 2017, Glasgow


“Value and Values”: Interaction, Infrastructures and Accumulation
3 December 2016, London

The Practice of Public Sociology
24 November 2016, Manchester

Strictly Come Writing
14-16 September 2016, Gartmore

Migration and Citizenship: Evidence from two Referendums
2 September 2016, Glasgow

Reclaiming, Challenging and Reviving Survivor Research
26 July 2016, London

Growing Up and Global Austerity: Comparing Youth Opportunities, Aspirations and Civic Values around the World
27-28 June 2016, London

The Spectre of Brexit: Free Movement and European Citizenship in Question
17 June 2016, Southampton

The Sociological Review Annual Lecture 2016: The Great Divide: Sociology, Anthropology, and Race in France since Lévi-Strauss
20 May 2016, London

ECR Master-Class with Professor Éric Fassin
20 May 2016, London

Sociology in and through the Global South
7 March 2016, London


Migrating Dreams and Nightmares
12 November 2015, London

Social Media, Activism, and Organisations
6 November 2015, London

Everyday Self Employment
30 October 2015

Working Outside of Academia
30 October 2015, London

Streetlife: The Shifting Socialities of the Street
15 September 2015, Canterbury

Relations and Dependencies: Disciplinary Knots
4 September 2015, Helsinki, Finland

Joining the Dots: Music and Social Networks
16-18 June 2015, Manchester

The Sociological Review Annual Lecture 2015: Classificatory Struggles: Class, Culture and Inequality in Neoliberal Times
20 February 2015, Manchester

Developing an Academic Profile as an Emerging Scholar
20 February 2015, Manchester