The Sociological Review Journal

The Sociological Review is a general sociology journal with over 110 years worth of publishing, owned by The Sociological Review Foundation, and operated by an independent editorial board and team of editors.

The tradition of the journal, as its title implies, is to review issues sociologically, which centrally involves rethinking in a sociological way. Thinking and writing sociologically has always been an art as much as a science and involves an intricate and complex sets of sensitivities and sensibilities that require fostering and developing, orientated towards emerging issues as well as perennial debates.

It also requires openness to other disciplines, notably social anthropology, cultural geography and science and technology studies, with which we share many overarching concerns. In this, revisiting old alliances is as interesting as forging new ones: at various points disciplinary differences have budded out of similarities whose traces have since become lost through institutional and structural separations.

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