The Sociological Review Foundation

What if we could use sociological concepts and research to make the world a better place? What if we could teach people to approach difficult problems with a new perspective using sociology? From gentrification to the gender pay gap, universities to call centres, our world is full of issues that are better understood with sociology.

The Sociological Review Foundation is a pioneering charity that exists to promote the study and teaching of sociology and related disciplines. As part of our charitable activity we carry out some of the following tasks.

Supporting early career researchers

We are proud to support early career researchers both inside and outside of the university environment. We offer conference bursaries and organise writing retreats and other events for early career researcher each year. Read more

The Sociological Review Fellowship

The Sociological Review has a historic commitment to Early Career Researchers through its fellowship scheme, which is based at Keele University. Read more

Advancing research and communicating its findings

Each year, the Sociological Review Foundation organises the Sociological Review Annual Lecture, as well as conferences, workshops and symposia that bring together established and new researchers in any area of sociology. As part of its remit to make sociology available to wider audiences, the Sociological Review Foundation makes debates and events public on its website and through social media. Read more

The Sociological Review Seminar Series

Each year we sponsor single-themed research seminars in any area of sociology to share and produce imaginative, cutting-edge work of sociological and social significance. Read more.