The Sociological Review is one of the world’s oldest academic sociology journals, and was the first to be established in the UK, in 1908.

In 2013, after significant funds had accumulated from years of publishing the journal while it was based at Keele University, the decision was taken to convert the journal into an independent non-profit organisation, funded initially by the money that had been discovered.

A board of trustees was appointed, and a separation agreement made with Keele University, after which the new organisation sought charitable status from the UK government. Once this was secured in spring 2015, we began our range of public engagement, teaching and funding initiatives, and the Sociological Review Foundation was born. We are funded partly by community donations and partly from the revenue earned by the journal.

The Sociological Review Foundation is for everybody who is interested in Sociology, and is not restricted to helping or engaging with people based in higher education institutions. Most of our events are free to attend and addressed to the public, we do not advance any particular political agenda besides believing in equality and human rights, and we are devoted simply to the idea that the teaching, learning, and application of sociology can have a public benefit.

Since we are a new organisation, we have not yet achieved all of our goals. But we intend to be global, as indeed our journal already is.